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Period Possibilities

Breaking the invisible walls for Nikki to dream



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Period Possibilities is a social campaign partnered with NGO to bring awareness to this invisible problem of period poverty. We aim to raise funds through the sales of NFTs to fight period poverty and empower more menstrators to live a healthy and dignified life. 

90% of funds generated will be donated to to enhance their outreach.

New to NFT? Don't worry, we will bring you through.

Click on the link below to learn how to buy NFT!

What Is  Period Possibilities?

What did you wish to be growing up? A doctor? A business person? Or an influencer?


Dreams are part and parcel of life, and many of us grow pursing our dreams or created more along the way. But 500 million girls out there, killed their dreams once they reach puberty. Missing school days, battling with vaginal and urine infection are the consequences of period poverty.


Proper sanitation and menstrual products do not reach them due to financial constriants, worsened with the stigma of menstruation. These girls can't fight period poverty alone, join us in this battle to break the invsisble wall of period poverty, let girls dream again.



 6500  UNIQUE  NFTs

Nikki's Dream Collection

We hope to represent all the dreams of 500 million menstruators suffering from period poverty in the form of NFT - Nikki's dreams. Nikki's dreams encourage us to embrace transformation like a butterfly; its metamorphosis process reminds us that no matter how the body changes (shedding of the petals), the soul (the human) remains uniquely beautiful.

We can accept that menstruation is a natural process. Like the flower, where there is no pollination, the flower petals begin to shed to prepare for a new cycle. Shedding of menstrual blood signifies letting go of the old and welcoming the new. Menstruator can let go of the shame of menstruation and start being proud of being natural and being human!


Period Possibilities will be powered by our 6500 NFTs which will be launched on 8 October  2022.

By owning an NFT, you are owning a portion of the bigger mosaic NFT. The Mosaic NFT represents the bigger community - FlowFam and your stand to fight period poverty. At the end of this campagin, the mosiac will be sold as a final NFT. The proceeds from the sale of the final Mosaic will be donated to save the dreams of girls suffering from period poverty. Your contribution matters.

Curious to find out what the final Mosaic look like? Stay tuned!


Meet the Team

We believe in fighting period poverty!

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