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Wellness is an important topic in life.

Mental. Physical. Occupational.

Let's not forget Relationship Wellness.

We understand that wellness is interrelated.

A lack in any aspect can cause a spillover into another domain. 

Imagine dissatisfaction in sexual intimacy impacting mental wellness.

We combine the knowledge from sexual medicine and coaching to curate workshops supporting your organisation's well-being. 

Want to know how?

Talk to us.

Working With The Best Clients & Partners

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What We've Been Up To

Partnerships. Events. Press Release. Media Interviews.

The list goes on.

Our expertise in all things relationship and intimacy,

makes us the Key Opinion Leaders in this field.

Check out our work.


Tinder: School Of Swipe

On 31st August 2022, Tinder launched the School of Swipe, a crash course on dating to help young daters bring their connection from URL to IRL. Dr Angela co-created a set of 22 cards with Tinder containing ice-breaker ideas for 2022. 

As an invited guest for the panel discussion, she shared tips on how and when to advance in a relationship and what to look out for when looking for love on dating apps.

Durex : My Sex My Way

In a collaboration with Durex, we worked together with The Smart Local(TSL) to share and raise awareness about the knowledge and misconceptions around using condoms. 

In an Instagram(IG) Live session, together with

Chow Jia Hui from TSL, we reached out to the younger generation on a topic that is relatable to them.

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Entrepreneurs' Organization

We delved into the topic of Intimacy & Pleasure with a lovely bunch from the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Singapore Chapter.

A relook into our understanding of boundaries and agreements when it comes to sexual intimacy between two persons. We had a greater understanding of what it means to experience pleasure.

When speaking of pleasure, toys definitely has it's place in the conversation! So...we trust that our goodie bags will help enhance many bedroom experiences...

ZaZaZu [X] Mekong Capital 

Unbox Yourself is a 2-day workshop which aims to support women to discover more of their feminity. It is organised by Mekong Capital and co-hosted by ZaZaZu & ARAS.

Day 1 concluded with topics ranging from Body Image to Relationship with Our Body Parts.

Jing Jin, founder of ZaZaZu, one of the hosts shared about how she view herself during the discussion of Body Image.

Two Lips

In this episode, Dr Angela, share on why we experience when we speak of genitals, and how to battle the need to have “normal” looking parts.

Voyage to the Vulva-verse is a 5 part series in collaboration with Two Lips and Strip.

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