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The Academy of Relationship & Sex 

At ARAS, we hold a core belief: love, intimacy, and connection are essential and intrinsic to all of us.

In today's bustling world, it's all too easy for our relationships to unintentionally shift to autopilot. Without realizing it, we might settle into comfort, overlooking the need to nurture the vibrant connections that enrich our lives. Remember, it’s never too late to reengage and strengthen the bonds we hold dear.

Founded by Dr. Angela, Eugene, and Hong Lin, our team is dedicated to fostering stronger, healthier relationships. We have since empowered and enabled the possibilities of many relationships that came through our doors.

Our Vision & Mission

We envision a nurturing space where individuals can enhance their relationship wellness, supported by an environment of respect and inclusivity, regardless of gender, sexuality, or culture.

We are dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey toward deeper love, intimacy, and connection. Our services guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, ensuring everyone has access to the fulfillment and well-being that healthy relationships bring.

We Empower, Educate and Energise

the journey of your relationship growth,

to foster the holistic relationship wellness everyone deserves. 

Meet The Team

ARAS Academy of Relationship & Sex Dr Angela Tan.jpg

Dr. Angela Tan

Family Physician | Intimacy Coach|
Professional Certified Coach(ICF)

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I envision a platform where individuals and couples can work through their intimacy issues in one empowering space.

CEO / Principal Coach


Eugene Law

Ops / Tech Lead

B.Eng Industrial
& System Engineering (NUS)

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I envision building a platform and community that will be at the forefront of relationship and intimacy

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Dorothy Gan

Client Relation Manager

B. Business Admin (Marketing) (SMU)

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I envision connecting clients with their truest and greatest joy through relationship and intimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Media &
Event Bios

Academy of Relationship & Sex ( ARAS ) helps couples and individuals in their relationship journey to build Love, Intimacy & Connection. From dating to a committed relationship, we help our clients gain clarity, walk them through relationship issues and rediscover their love for each other.


Dr Angela, a Certified Family Physician and Intimacy Coach, has helped numerous clients uncover their happiness in relationships. She has been featured in The Straits Times, Mothership and UFM100.3 and worked with numerous partners such as Tinder, TikTok and Durex as an expert on Sexual Wellness and Intimacy Topics.

​Learn more at our or by following @AcademyRnS on Facebook.

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