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  • Rescheduling Policy
    There is no fees for rescheduling unless it falls into the category below. Specialised Relationship Service Providers: Weekdays: A $50 fee applies if rescheduling occurs less than 24 hours prior to the session. Weekends: A $100 fee applies if rescheduling occurs less than 24 hours before the session, or a $50 fee if the request is made between 24-48 hours before the session. Non-Specialised Relationship Service Providers: Weekdays: A $30 fee applies if rescheduling occurs less than 24 hours prior to the session. Weekends: A $50 fee applies if rescheduling occurs less than 24 hours before the session, or a $30 fee if the request is made between 24-48 hours before the session.
  • Refund Policy
    When canceling a session or package, refunds will be issued for any unused sessions. However, the refund amount will be reduced by the cost of any sessions already used at their regular rate, plus a 20% administrative fee. This ensures that the preparation and resources allocated to your sessions are accounted for, even if the full plan is not completed.
  • What are the differences between a Specialised Coach vs Relationship Coach
    Specialised Coaches: Our specialized coaches bring a depth of expertise to address the most complex aspects of relationship struggles. With years of experience, they are adept at navigating deep-seated issues, including trauma and significant emotional challenges. These coaches provide comprehensive support, equipping clients to overcome intricate difficulties and move forward in their relationships. Relationship Coaches: Our relationship coaches excel in providing clarity and empowerment to clients. They help individuals and couples understand their relationship dynamics more clearly, fostering a sense of empowerment that enables them to progress and strengthen their connections.
  • What kinds of issues does an Intimacy Coach (Specialised Coach) deal with?
    At ARAS, we empower our clients to reclaim intimacy and sexual pleasure in a range of areas: ​ Singles Restore self-love and a positive body image Become comfortable and confident talking about sex Gain or regain the ability to experience orgasm either alone or with a partner Regain joyful sensual and sexual pleasure after divorce or gaps in sexual activities Restore libido and desire for sexual connection Learn about sex in ageing bodies and how to continue having satisfying sex and connectivity at any age Couples Challenges in consummating in marriage Mismatched libido between couples Spice up mundane sex routines with your partner Deepen intimacy and relationship with a partner Heal from a cheating spouse/ relationship Medical Related Issues Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation Vaginismus Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) ​ *In some cases, we do refer clients to medical doctors should their issues be pre-dominantly a medical issue.
  • What kinds of issues does a Marital Transition Coach (Specialised Coach) deal with?
    Recently Ended a Relationship or Going Through a Divorce Understand and manage the myriad emotions that surface during this transition. Navigate the aspects of divorce with a clear head. Maintain a positive outlook on life and future relationships. Feeling Overwhelmed with Complex Emotions Post-Separation Develop effective strategies for handling intense emotions such as anger, betrayal, loss, and grief. Understand how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with your ex-partner. Difficulty Redefining Self Outside of Past Relationship Reclaim your individual identity apart from the marital relationship. Realign your life goals and dreams based on your new situation. Ready to Move On, But Needing Guidance for the New Life Chapter Explore the possibilities and potentials of life after divorce. Build the confidence to embark on new relationships and experiences. Develop a roadmap to achieve your desired future. Look to Heal from Pain Episodes in Your Relationship Address unresolved emotional wounds from the relationship and start the healing process. Learn how to forgive, let go, and move forward.
  • How should I choose my coach?
    When deciding between a Specialised Coach and a Relationship Coach, consider the specific issues you are facing in your relationship. Here’s an updated guide to help you make an informed choice: Specialised Coach: Opt for a specialized coach if you are dealing with deep emotional wounds, intimacy-related struggles, or separation / divorce related issues within your relationship. These coaches are extensively trained to navigate complex issues and provide tailored support to help you overcome significant challenges. Relationship Coach: If your focus is on enhancing understanding, improving communication, and strengthening your connection with your partner, a relationship coach would be ideal. They specialize in providing clarity and empowering you to make positive changes in your relationship dynamics. Important Precaution: If you know your relationship issues are complex, yet choose a relationship coach, it is important to set realistic expectations. Relationship coaches are excellent for fostering understanding and empowerment but may not be equipped to handle deeper complexities that specialised coaches are trained for. Additional Support: At our practice, Dr. Angela and Coach Dorothy oversee every client’s journey to ensure the highest level of personalized and effective support. They work diligently to match you with the coach that best suits your needs. To find out which coaching option is right for you, please make an enquiry with us. Our team is here to guide you towards the most suitable path for your relationship’s growth and healing.
  • Who can benefit from Relationship / Intimacy Coaching?
    Anyone who is ready to take charge of their own sexual wellness and improving their relationship with their loved ones. We have worked with clients on a huge range of issues, from physical to psychological, there is always something for everyone. Our clientele includes individuals, dating couples and married couples (with kids).
  • Does the session involve any physical contact with my coach?
    Our coaching sessions are held in a safe space in a professional manner. There will not be any form of sexual or erotic exchanges between the client(s) and coach. Any sensual activities prescribed by the coach will be carried out in client’s private spaces.
  • Do I attend alone or with my partner?
    For Intimacy Coaching, these sessions can be attended individually or as a couple. However, we highly recommend your partner to be present if the issues involve both parties to improve the effectiveness of the session. For Marital Transition Coaching and Relationship Coaching, these sessions are meant to be attended individually. Session with Dr Angela can be attended both individually or as a couple.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    We believe your concerns are important to you and you would like to see a resolution as soon as possible. Through our experience, we noticed that honesty and building a strong trust with the coach help to accelerate this process. Most of our clients with simple issues are able to reach resolution points at the end of a 90-minute session. However, some clients who may be facing a complex of deep-rooted issues, will require more than 1 session to reach resolution points.
  • How much does it cost for a coaching session?
    Our Session Pricing: Prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). *After-office hours/weekend/public holiday sessions are by special request only. Should you find that you may need more sessions, do check with us for the package pricing.
  • What are your office hours and after-office hours?
    Our office hours are as follows: Weekday : 10am - 6pm (5pm the start of the last booking) Any time not within our office hours will be considered after-office hours, including weekends and public holidays.
  • Payment Methods
    General mode of payment will be via Credit Card. For Local Bank Transfer, Fast/ACT/GIRO. For Paynow:
  • Do you speak to the corporates crowd about a topic of our choosing?
    We love the opportunity to spread more awareness and learnings about Sexual Wellness to more people! We firmly believe in the co-creation of content to cater to the needs of different groups and to deliver what the audiences can receive. Email to enquire more.

Last updated on 08 May 2024

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