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Love's Blueprint:
Decoding Your Relationship's DNA

Discover the unique archetypes shaping your relationship. Gain deeper insights, enhance communication, and strengthen your bond. Join us for an interactive experience that deepens your understanding of your relationship!


Embark on a journey to a more connected and fulfilling partnership.and edit me.

Relationship Decoding

Is This You?

"I want to know how we can love better as a couple"

"I am looking for meaningful activities we can participate together."

"There are repeated incidents that we are arguing over and over"

"I upset or hurt my partner accidentally at times"

"My partner and I are getting out of sync."

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About the Event

Dive into the heart of your relationship with "Relationship Decoding", a 3-hour workshop designed for couples who aspire to deepen their understanding and strengthen their bond.


Why Attend?

  • Discover Deeper Connections: Making use of the Lovers' Archetype Profiling, this workshop helps you and your partner uncover the subtle yet powerful expressions of your relationship.

  • Facilitated Activities: Through a series of facilitated activities, you'll explore and map out the intricate dance of your relationship's archetypes and expression.

  • Growth In Relationship: Build your relationship based on the deeper understanding of the expressions in your relationship.

What to Expect:

  1. Individual & Couple Profile Decoding: From your Lovers' Archetype profiling results, gaining insights into your individual and collective relationship patterns.

  2. Interactive Exploration: Actively participate in mapping out how your archetypes interact and influence your relationship in different scenarios.

  3. Relationship Aspirations: Take steps towards your relationship aspirations, with continued growth and deeper connection.

Who Should Attend?

  • Ideal for couples who wish to explore the depths of their connection and build a stronger, more understanding, and resilient partnership.

  • Also perfect for couples new in their relationship, looking to embark on a committed, long-term journey together.

Workshop Details

Date & Time: Details to be announced

Location: TBD

Fees: SGD $150 per Couple

Limited to 10 couples


Workshop Facilitator

Eugene is a co-founder of ARAS where he manages the tech and operation. Having a strong interest in personal development and leading workshops, he started organising them since 2018. An engineer by training, Eugene pursued an unconventional path, into the space of Love and Intimacy.

Your Workshop Experience Matters

Safety and Privacy:

  • Confidentiality: We prioritize creating a safe space where everything shared is confidential. What’s discussed in the workshop stays within the workshop.


  • Arrive On Time: To ensure the best experience for all, punctuality is key. Arriving on time respects everyone’s experience and maximizes your participation in the workshop.

Cancellation Policy:

  • No Refunds: As funds are used immediately for workshop preparation, refunds are not available.

  • Next Session Option: If you're unable to attend, we’ll reserve a spot for you in our next session, so you won’t miss out on this enriching journey.

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