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ARAS - Where It All Started


SEX, is a trait that determines an individual's reproductive function, yet why sex is being treated differently between the two sexes? Why do we still accept the idea that sex is more for a man than it is for a woman? Why is sex so taboo? With all these questions in mind, this blog unravels our humble beginning.

Are attractive couples the only ones who can have a great sex life? Is sex really that complicated to the extent that all we can do is just struggle or choose not to be involved in it? The answer is, NO. Bad sex can happen to anyone, be it they are attractive or not. However, since sex is seen as a taboo occurrence, there is limited education available readily. Abstinence and fear-based teaching was very much the core of sex education in our local setting until recent months.

Why not Sex AND Intimacy?

Great relationships and sex can exist for all relationship types and sexual preferences. However, negative feelings like fear, guilt and shame get in the way for most of us. They erect a huge barrier in connecting with our partner(s) during intimacy. Pornography worsens the situation through dramatisation and over-sexualisation of the entire sex act, resulting in the wrong impression of what sex really is. Poor knowledge, lack of real connection, and personal inhibitions are the key reasons for bad sex, not how physically attractive we are.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states “reproduction” as a fundamental basic need whereas “intimate relationships” as an intermediary need. So, in today’s world and age, what do we really need? Can a great relationship lead us to self-actualization? How can we get people to see intimacy as beyond the sexual act itself? What will make relationships meaningful? What is love? How not to get hurt in a relationship? What is a deep connection? How to find a sou