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Navigating A Cheating Episode In Your Relationship

Feeling betrayed or guilt-ridden due to infidelity? Wondering if your love can weather this storm?


This challenging time tests the very foundation of your trust. Yet, amidst the turmoil, you seek a glimmer of hope—to heal, repair, and reconnect with the love that united you.


Betrayal deeply impacts both partners and their families, sparking diverse reactions from separation to forgiveness. Facing infidelity means confronting tough questions about love, trust, and healing—a journey unique to each relationship.

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Heal From Infidelity with Dr Angela

Family Physician | Intimacy Coach | Professional Certified Coach(ICF)

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Navigating the Path to Rebuilding Trust and Connection

Dr. Angela specializes in helping couples overcome the pain of infidelity, providing a path towards rebuilding trust and restoring intimacy.

In the sessions, together with the clients, she would help uncover the core issues of the relationship's infidelity, from the initial shock and hurt to the complex journey towards forgiveness and reconnection.

With a focus on understanding and overcoming the pain points of cheating, Dr. Angela aids in uncovering the root causes of betrayal, facilitating a recovery that leads to stronger, more trusting relationships.

How It Works

1) Enquiry

Let us journey with you. Write us an enquiry about your situation. We will direct you to the appropriate support.

2) Discovery Call

In our discovery call, Dr Angela will personally speak with you to find out more about the challenges you have in your relationship.

3) Coaching

We will arrange an Intimacy Coaching session between you and Dr Angela in a safe space. This session can be attended by yourself or as a couple.

"I was faced with a lot of guilt and shame after my cheating episode. Dr Angela help me and my partner gain confidence in our relationship
and heal from the incident."

Mr W, Married Couple of 12 Years

"It's about how your coach dances with you that matters"

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Discovery Call free? Do I need it?

The Discovery Call with Dr Angela is free. The call is for Dr Angela to know about your situation and advice accordingly. It is also for you to assess if this is suitable for you.

Question: Are the sessions online or in-person?

It is encouraged to have the sessions in-person at our coaching space. If clients have to do online, it is encouraged to have a conducive and quiet space for the session.

Question: I am not ready for coaching, is there an anonymous support group I can join?

You can subscribe to our Telegram Coaching Support Circle. Our regular posts might be able to help you navigate your situations. Click here to join.

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