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Is Relationship
All About


Are you frustrated? Depressed? Feeling hurt and hopeless about your relationship?


Wondering if you should end it right here and now... or give it a second chance?

Truth is - You want to make it work. You are looking for answers and solutions to your issues. You want to make your relationship all better. Just like before.

Intimacy coaching may just be what you are looking for.

Intimacy Coaching with Dr Angela

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I help rebuild intimacy and deepen your connection with your partner.

As a doctor and a coach, Dr Angela blends the science of medicine and the art of relationships to help clients overcome their challenges in intimacy, for more meaningful relationships and deeper connections.


Angela has worked with over 300 clients and has been featured in various media.


An Intimacy Coaching is a private session between Dr Angela and her client (or together with their partner) held in a safe and cosy setting.


In these sessions, clients uncover the obstacles and issues in their relationship. It could be unhappiness that result from lack of sexual intimacy or perhaps even a betrayal act from one of the partners.


Using proven techniques, Angela facilitates the coaching process, allowing clients to gain clarity of their situation, thereby reaching an empowered resolution.

Family Physician | Intimacy Coach | Professional Certified Coach(ICF)

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Is this you?

Are you having frequent arguments in your relationship?

You have tried many many times, with a different method each time to resolve the issue but only ended up frustrated and disappointed. Why can't your partner just hear and understand what you are saying?

Sometimes you wonder how did it all end up like this? This relationship has caused you more hurt than love. It wasn't supposed to be like this. 

You want to improve the relationship. You want a change. You want a way where you and your partner can work through the obstacles ahead. To start loving and connecting with each other deeply like before.

Is this what you want?

Do you want to heal and recover from a cheating episode in your relationship?

Do you wish to be able to consummate in marriage after so many years?

Do you want to start feeling emotionally and sexually connected to your partner? 

Are you ready to improve your relationship and intimacy with your partner, to start loving and be loved by your partner?

Hugging Couple
Couple on Date

Proven Results

Not all relationship issues are the same.

During our coaching session, you will uncover and learn the deep underlying issues in your relationships. You will begin to understand your partner, to have clarity about where your relationship issues come from.

Dr Angela empowers you and your partner in resolving issues by guiding the conversation, breaking down the said and unsaid to achieve your desired outcomes. 

At times, home assignments are given to help you and your partner work through your issues and build the relationship after the coaching session.

More than 300 clients have achieved breakthroughs in their relationships after their coaching session.

Profiles of clients whom we have worked with.

How It Works

1) Enquiry

Let us journey with you. Write us an enquiry about your situation. We will direct you to the appropriate support.

2) Complimentary
Discovery Call

In our discovery call, Dr Angela will personally speak with you to find out more about the challenges you have in your relationship.

3) Intimacy Coaching

We will arrange an Intimacy Coaching session between you and Dr Angela in a safe space. This session can be attended by yourself or as a couple.

Dr Angela, using her knowledge as a Doctor and a Coach, blends the science of medicine and the Art of Relationships to help uncover and overcome the challenges in relationships for couples.

Heal from Cheating

Mismatched Sex Drive

Divorce on Your Mind?

Young Love
"We were struggling with our sex lives.
Dr Angela gave us practical strategies that helped reignite our passion in our marriage in just 1 session! "

Joyce, Married Couple of 5 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know if we can help you with your relationship issues?

Find out more on our FAQ.

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