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Lian He Zao Bao

According to a recent survey conducted among millennials and Gen Z, it has been observed that while some respondents are not inclined towards marriage or relationships due to the pleasures of being single, there are still those who recognize the potential benefits of being in a relationship and marriage. These insights offer valuable understanding into the attitudes and values regarding love and marriage among the younger generations.

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Her World

The Future Of Intimacy — What Will Sex Look Like In The Metaverse?

What does it feel like to explore the topic of sex virtually? We embark on a journey into the metaverse, and discover why virtual reality might just be the tool to normalise conversations on sex.


Her World

Are You In A Situationship?
Here’s What You Need To Know

Situationships aren’t exactly for everyone. Depending on what your focus on life is right now. A situationship might be the right fit for you if you’re: a) focusing on your career or developing your passions, b) want more flexibility when it comes to dating or c) would you like to connect with someone emotionally and romantically, but keep the freedom outside of a committed relationship.

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SG Women's Weekly

Bored in the bedroom? Try these card games that encourage healthy and fun conversations on Sex

The card game was co-created with nine contributors across Singapore and Malaysia, including content creators like Munah Bagharib and Chow Jia Hui, and intimacy coaches like Dr. Angela Tan of the Academy of Relationship & Sex.


SG Women's Weekly

What An Anticlimax: Why 1 In 2 women have sex even when it's not pleasurable

Not feeling it? A recent survey in Singapore revealed that many women are not satisfied with their sexual experiences.

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Orange Magazine


Love might not cost a thing, but young singles looking to date as prices rise are definitely feeling the pressure. 



Sexologists in Singapore 

Feel like your relationship is missing out on a deeper, meaningful connection? Dr Angela Tan provides intimacy coaching, retreats and masterclasses to help solve relationship problems in a safe and fun environment.

ARAS Youthopia



How to pick a spot for the first date

Affordability and comfort are some factors you might want to take into account when thinking of a place.

No point in trying to impress your match and not be yourself.


Branding In Asia

'School of Swipe' - Online Dating Navigation

Dating is fun and meaningful but it can also sometimes be daunting. Having resources such as 'School of Swipe' can help hopeful young Singaporeans navigate dating, taking the pressure off and giving them more mind space to focus on creating meaningful connections

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The Straits Time

Post-stroke rehabilitation focuses on physical recovery, but many stroke survivors and their partners need help renewing their emotional and physical intimacy as a couple.


Lian He Zao Bao

Intimacy coaching for healthy relationship

During coaching, Dr Angela does not observe and judge but instead helps couples to feel safe and confident and helps bring new perspectives in the area of intimacy and sex. 

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ARAS BREAD Article NFT.jpeg



Singapore sex coach releases womb NFT to commemorate International Women's Day

The collection intends to inspire women to “recognise the sacred power in them that women are the bearers of life, miracles and light to the world”.



I'm an intimacy coach in S'pore who helps couples with relationship issues. Here's what I've noticed.

Why does romance fizzle out after couples have been together for a long time, especially after having kids? What happens after one party cheats?

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Rice Media

Is it wrong to use the SAF uniform for fetish play? 

Can our sexual proclivities be branded morally right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy? Should we only be having sex in a ‘normal’ and ‘socially respectful’ way? Is the furore caused by a misunderstanding of fetishes?


South China Morning Post

How to treat Erectile Dysfunction

A low libido takes a toll on a man's emotional well-being; it can also affect his partner and relationship. 

Men are often portrayed as wanting to have sex all the time. In reality, a sluggish sex drive is something many men deal with at some point in their lives.

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What makes a stronger woman?
We speak to 3 different coaches to find out.

Some of my patients confide and seek advice about sexual issues that they have with their partners because they do not know whom to go to.

Resolving sexual difficulties is as important as counselling couples about their relationship because it goes hand-in-hand.


Rice Media

This lady will teach her newborn daughter about sex when she's 9 months old.

It’s like how we embrace health, how we embrace exercise, and how we embrace a healthy diet.

If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy, sex is actually one of those at the bottom. First layer is the primitive function of sex, but the second layer is actually relationships.

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I Love Children 

9 Ways to reignite passion in marriage

High levels of passionate love that is experienced in the initial stage of the relationship are not likely to be maintained throughout the marriage. Sometimes, our spouse’s habits, are a reminder that marriage is not always rainbows and sunshine.


The Straits Time

Let's talk about SEX

More Singaporeans seek out sexual wellness coaching and workshops and find out more about sex toys. 

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