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ARAS celebrates International Women’s Day

To commemorate the theme for International Women’s Day 2022, #BreaktheBias, ARAS will be launching our first set of NFT collectibles, titled #CelebrateWomb, starting on 8th Mar 2022.

We would like to celebrate and appreciate the role of the womb in being the safe space where we were first nurtured, the place where all humans are created. It incubated life, allowed us to thrive and achieved feats after feats in the history of humanity. 

When it comes to myths and taboos, the womb receives it’s fair share of it as well. Labels such as “menstruation is shameful'' or “menstrual blood is dirty'' contribute to how women feel unworthy of their femininity. Not to mention taboos behind miscarriage and abortions. 

We collaborated with artists to produce our first NFT collectibles work of art, Floral Matrix and Womb of Life. We hope to bring greater awareness to the general public about stories of the womb and empower women of all ages through this launch. This way, we can #BreaktheBias on how we perceive the womb.

ARAS Academy of Relationship NFT BG 01.jpg


Portion of proceeds from our NFT sales will go towards

supporting NGOs to eradicate period poverty.

Let's do our part.

Floral Matrix

Created in-house with a freelance Artist, Floral Matrix is a set of unique NFTs which depicts the womb in its life-nurturing role with flourishing flowers around it. The word Matrix has its roots in Latin, originally meant breeding female and subsequently meant “womb”

ARAS Academy of Relationship NFT BG 02.jpg
ARAS Academy of Relationship Floral matrix gif.gif
ARAS Academy of Relationship NFT BG 02.jpg

Womb Of Life

Womb Of Life is a collection of 11 uniquely crafted NFT art pieces by


The collection represents Womb as the gateway to the universe which enables creation. In the expression, the Flower represents life and labor of love. The art explores the idea of the womb being the most fertile ground where life blooms.


The backgrounds are inspired by the universe which represents endless possibilities. We intend that the work inspires woman to recognize the sacred power in them that

Women are the bearers of life, miracles and light to the world

Join us in our journey as we celebrate the incredible power of

the womb, women and mothers!

About The Creator

MOKO is a local artist who loves art and expression. Besides drawing, she loves singing. This explains why most of her Art inspirations come from music - she sees colors, rhythms and shapes in music.

Her dream is to bring light to the world through her creation and expression. She hopes that her work would bring smiles to people’s faces that can last for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime

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