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Relationship Specialist

Area of Expertise

Couples with relationship issues

Couples with sexual issues

Individual with sexual issues


English & Mandarin


Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (UNISA)

Masters in Counselling (HELP)

Certificate in Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education (UMich, USA)

Certified Sexuality Consultant (SSST, Taiwan)

Gottman Method Couple Therapy level 1 & 2

Registered Counsellor Malaysia

Certified Hypnotherapist (IACT, USA)

From Nerd to Empathetic: My Relationship Transformation

People who knew me before I was on this journey will surely say I am a nerdy person who is not sensitive about other people’s emotions. Learning psychology and counselling helped me to understand the importance of a listening ear and to be empathetic with people around me.

This important lesson helped me in enjoying a pleasurable relationship with my love ones and of course in my sex life too.

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More About Me

Being able to lower down the volume of my ego and start listening to my partner helps in lubricating our relationship. We understand each other more and is able to enjoy the companionship we have spent time building.

So, I hope to bring this to the world to empower my clients to build a satisfying intimate relationship. My career satisfactions comes from client who told me that they are able to be closer to their partner.

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