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Orchestrating the
Success of your
Esteemed Relationship.

The Struggle Is Real

In the gilded realm of high-profile living, relationships can often face extraordinary trials.

Affair allegations, infidelity, or a dispassionate marriage can cast long, disheartening shadows over your personal life, tarnishing the luster of your public image.

Amidst the ceaseless demand for your attention and the unrelenting scrutiny of the public eye, these personal crises can feel magnified, turning your relationship into a tumultuous battleground.


Is This For You?

This service is ideally suited for high-profile individuals and couples who are navigating the complexities of personal relationships amidst friends, family or public scrutiny. If you are seeking confidential and deeply private sessions, this is the service for you. Alternatively, you may select our flagship Intimacy Coaching here.

Let Us Journey With You

At ARAS, we resonate with the complexities of high-profile relationships. Amid the public eye, we offer a confidential, secure sanctuary for candid expression and relationship restoration.

Our services, prioritizing your privacy, are tailor-made to mend your esteemed relationships, guiding you towards a future of trust and intimacy.



Customised For You


Dr Angela begin with an initial consultation call, providing her the opportunity to comprehend your unique situation and your relationship goals. This crucial step allows her to craft a strategy that aligns with your expectations and paves the way to achieve the desired harmony.

Next, she take time to understand your specific requirements, including your preferred location for coaching and any particular privacy needs. We fully respect your need for discretion and adapt our coaching logistics to fit within your comfort zone and lifestyle.

Finally, we arrange for a suitable date for the commencement of your coaching journey. This careful scheduling ensures our coaching sessions seamlessly integrate into your busy timetable, setting the stage for your journey towards relationship restoration.

Exclusive Coaching vs Flagship Coaching

Exclusive Coaching

  • Sessions take place at location of your choice

  • Adhere to your criteria of confidentiality

  • Supported by Dr Angela & Team (min 2 person)

  • Logistics will be brought to your site

  • Priority arrangement will be made

  • Highly customized to your needs

Flagship Coaching

  • Sessions take place at ARAS coaching space

  • Adhere to standard PDPA guidelines

  • Supported by Dr Angela during coaching session

  • Logistics limited to our space

  • Tailored to your situation


A n Empowered Relationship

1. Through Intimacy Coaching, clients takeaway informed, insightful solution tailored to their unique situation.


2. Personalized Approach: Each relationship is unique. We design a tailored roadmap based on your relationship goals, offering a truly personalized experience.


3. Confidentiality: We uphold the highest standards of privacy and discretion. Your journey with us remains strictly confidential, providing a safe space for open dialogue.


4. Improved Communication: We equip you with effective communication tools to better articulate feelings, resolve conflicts and improve your overall relationship dynamics.


5. Emotional Intelligence: We guide you to better understand your emotions and those of your partner, enabling you to handle emotional challenges more adeptly.


6. Trust Building: We help restore and strengthen the foundation of trust in your relationship, aiding in the healing process.


7.Relationship Resilience: Our coaching instills techniques to fortify your relationship, enhancing its resilience against future challenges.


The Process

1) Submit Paid Enquiry


2) Complimentary



3) Intimacy


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