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Who doesn't like free stuff?

Check out our selection of free guides to explore your sexual wellness journey. 

From figuring out how to find your perfect partner to spicing up things in the bedroom.

Looking for something that isn't here? Let us know! We might just come up with it next!

Lovers' Archetype Profiling

Relationship Personality Profiling - Developed in-house through our deep understanding of the dynamics that play out in a relationship.

Academy of Relationship & Sex Yes No Maybe List_edited.jpg

Yes No Maybe List

Explore the list of sex acts which you and your partner would like to experience.

What are the acts which both partner is okay ( yes) not okay (no) or KIV (maybe).

Do it individually, then come together and compare your responses.

Academy of Relationship & Sex Roadmap( Men).jpg

Sexual Wellness Roadmap (Man)

Sexual Wellness for men is just as important! Same same but different with that of a woman!

Find out how you can improve your very own sexual wellness here.

Academy of Relationship and Sex - Gain Closure For A Relationship 2.jpg

Relationship Closure

Breakups are tough. The sadness, heartbreaks and regrets can be painful. But it does not have to be lasting. 

Use this list to gain closure for your relationship. Learn from your experiences and move on powerfully into your next. 

Academy of Relationship & Sex Finding+Mr_Mrs+Right_edited.jpg


Mr/Mrs Right

How do you know that he or she is the person you want to be together with in life?

Love seems complicated and confusing at times but it does not have to be.

Gain clarity about your LOVE relationship through this FREE e-guide TODAY!

Academy of Relationship & Sex ARAS Sexual Wellness Roadmap_edited.jpg

Sexual Wellness Roadmap (Woman)

Feeling tired of dealing with your intimate relationship problems?

It is time to STOP and take charge of your own sexual and emotional well-being to improve your intimate relationships.

Find out how to power up your sexual appeal in order to win his or her heart back!

Academy of Relationship & Sex Sexiness+in+7+days_edited.jpg

Sexiness in 7 Days

What attracts a guy’s attention?

SEX is about being physically attractive AND about your personality, values, feelings, confidence level and action.

Stand out and unleash your inner beauty in just 7 days with this FREE e-guide TODAY!

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