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Intimacy Coaching

with Angela

Welcome. For this to be a powerful and forwarding session, we have setup the space to be safe, physically, mentally and emotionally, for you and your partner to be open and honest to each other. 

Under the coaching of Dr. Angela, you will gain clarity of the issues and factors, said and unsaid, that affected your relationship. We trust the process. And we ask that you trust us. 

What is it?

An Intimacy Coaching is a private session between

Dr. Angela and her client (or together with their partner) held in a safe and cosy setting.

In these sessions, clients explore the obstacles and issues in their relationship. It could be unhappiness that result from lack of sexual intimacy or perhaps even a betrayal act from one of the partners.

Using proven techniques, Angela facilitates the coaching process, allowing clients to gain clarity of their situation, thereby reaching an empowered resolution.

Is this for you?

Are you struggling to rekindle your passion for intimacy in a sexless marriage? 

Do you feel lost or uncertain in the relationship after finding out your partner cheated? 

Have you and/or your partner lost the feeling and intimacy after being together for a long time?

Don't see your issue here? Read up the list of issues we have helped our clients work through in their relationship in the FAQ. 

Hugging Couple
Couple on Date

Professionals at work

As a doctor and a coach, Angela blends the science of medicine and art of relationship to help clients overcome their challenges in intimacy, for more meaningful relationships and deeper connection.

Angela has over 15 years of coaching and has been featured in various media for her work in the field of sex, intimacy and relationships. 

Heal from Infidelity

Divorce on your mind?

Is compatibility important?

Mismatch sex drive

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? Should I attend with my partner?

Click on our FAQ to find out more.

Ready to improve your relationship?

Ready to transform and enhance your relationship?

Explore our coaching plans and begin building the fulfilling relationship you truly deserve.

ARAS Privacy Policy

Trust is at the heart of our business, that's why ARAS make privacy a core consideration in everything we do.

We integrate privacy and confidentiality as a natural part of our services and processes. 

What happens during coaching, stays in coaching.

Information are only accessible to relevant personnel purely for coaching related support.

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