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Intimacy Masterclass

Is love-making getting too routine for you?

Has the passion for your partner dipped? Or do you simply want to become a more desirable lover and enjoy a deeper connection with your love? 

In this 3-hour Intimacy Masterclass, you will learn about the art of lovemaking in a new light with sexual medicine expert, Dr Angela Tan.

Is this for you?

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom?

Have things become a chore, more than a pleasure?


Intimacy just isn't the same as before.

You want a change. You need a change.

Concrete, feasible step-by-step guide by Dr Angela on how to turn the Mundane into Magnificent!

Cozy Living Room

What to expect?

A safe and private space for you to uncover and discover you and your partner's pleasure. 

A 3-hour exploratory session on techniques, tools and steps to deepen the connection and rediscover the pleasure in intimacy. 

What do you get?

1x Free Intimacy Kit

3 Hour Interactive Session with Dr Angela

Immediate feedback 

Clear steps to enhance intimacy in your relationship

ARAS Academy of Relationship Intimacy Kit_edited.jpg
ARAS Academy of Relationship and Sex  Masterclass 01_edited.jpg


Our Erogenous Zone

Pleasure Spots

Laws of Pleasuring 

ARAS Academy of Relationship and Sex  Masterclass 02.jpg

Techniques & Tools

Pleasuring Techniques

Position Matters

Toys For Fun

ARAS Academy of Relationship and Sex  Masterclass 03.jpg


Creation of Sacred Space

Breathworks & Sex

Body Awareness & Connection

Ready to be a better lover?

Sign Up Now 

Get a *Free Intimacy kit

“My hubby and I took a chance to attend this Masterclass. It was such a joy to finally regain back our confidence in our relationship.”

Judy, Young Couple

We’d love to see you at our next workshop!
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