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Relationship Coach

Coaching Domain

Relationship coaching in dating, romantic relationship, marriage, family and workplace


English & Mandarin


ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
Level 2 Certified Coach (by Executive Coach International)

I Needed Help In My Relationship

I got to know coaching when I was coached by a master coach on my romantic relationship. At that moment I was so miserable and helpless on finding a partner.


That experience changed me a lot as a person, in how I see not just romantic relationships, but also other relationships, including relationships with myself. I had a whole new way to look at the world, and a deeper layer of understanding of how relationships work, and work for me. And during that time, I found someone who’s almost matching all criteria I could wish for about a partner.

More About Me

Looking back, it feels like magic for me. And this experience inspired me to be a coach myself, so I started training as a coach.


What inspires me most in coaching is the empowerment process - from hopeless to hopeful. 


As a client, I experienced the world of no colours. I know how painful it feels, and what it meant to me to see true colors and feel alive again.

I feel blessed to experience that change via coaching.. I want to pass it on to more people, the ones I could deeply resonate with.

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