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Library of Resources

There is just so much we would love to share with you!


With our experience and knowledge, we periodically update and put together a variety of guides, content and sharing that can help you on your journey. You might just find what you are looking for right here. 

Lovers' Archetype Profiling

Relationship Personality Profiling - Developed in-house through our deep understanding of the dynamics that play out in a relationship.

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Dr. Angela explains all things about Sex & Intimacy. From Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to Low Sex Drive. No topic is too taboo to talk about. 

Our Extensive Video Library

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We often get many questions on topics of Love, Sex & Intimacy and many more. We compiled a series of podcasts where we answered these questions and line up all here for your hearing pleasures. 

Our Engaging Conversations 

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All our guides are curated in-house together with Dr. Angela. Interested to ' Find Your Mr/Mrs Right'? 

How about taking charge of your own sexual wellness? Or simply curious about how to spice things up in your bedroom? You'll be surprised what you can find here.

Our Most Popular Resources

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We work closely with our Partners across many media outlets. From Media Release, Events to TV/Radio shows! Look out for us!





Our Public Presence

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Enjoy a good read anytime? We feature articles and stories written by Dr Angela and our guest writers. 

This is where we delve deeper and share more about intimacy issues faced by our clients. Gain insights and tips from our collective wisdom.

Our Intellectual Masterpieces

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Apart from our coaching sessions, we actively take part in organising or participating in events to extend our outreach to the masses. 

Never miss a moment with us.

Our Events Outreach

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